***SOLD*** Why can't I sell this R9 290? (WTS) Gigabyte Windforce GV-R929WF3-4GD $220

I really am at a loss here. I've had this card on Amazon and EBay and Craigslist for weeks now and nothing but low ballz. What am I doing wrong? This is a $300 card, less then a year old. I just don't get it. My price on both eBay and Amazon is the cheapest! Please help!!!!!


$220 is pretty standard on eBay after shipping. I recommend you price it at $180 and charge $30 shipping.

Most people probably assume it was used for coin mining and is nearly dead

Also ya, you gotta go maybe 70% of retail depending on how lucky you are to have a chance of selling it


Just like what he said, you can get a brand new 290 right now for about $230-$250 right now. I dont know where your trying to sell your card but its definitely not the cheapest.

Not the Gigabyte Windforce GV-R929WF3-4GD on eBay and Amazon. But yeah one can find cheaper R9 290s. I suppose that's the rub but it does surprise me that I've not had any serious offers. It is a good card...is it just that AMD cards are considered crap now?

I have seen same cards were sold on other forums for $120-$150. $180-220 is price range of the R9 290x.

people might probably think that the card is an ex miner.

I have personally thought of buying a 290 to play around with and the new dx12 features, but I agree with Nano scale most I would pay for one is like 150. Not to mention that constant thought of mining damage.

If i cant fix my old 7870 i may be interested in it for around $200 if it's still around.

Yes it except I have a dude from Mexico who "won" the auction on eBay but he hasn't paid me yet and it'll cost me $50 to ship it to him if he dooz so... If this falls through which I'm kinda hoping it dooz, I'll let it go for $200 via PayPal + however much it cost to ship. I'm looking to p/u a 2k monitor @144 if anyone knows of a good deal. I'm about to post on the forum abouts it now.

Why does not want old mining cards?
If it ran 24/7 at a constant temp it would harm the card less than constant swinging gaming loads.
Also considering miners run the fans at 100% whilst up straight, so no flexing PCB either.

I think it more about lifetime hours than anything else. To my mind, a component ran sparingly and at moderate temps is just better in terms of both component integrity and total life cycle use, i.e X amount of hours operation and whatnot.

Well i'll let you know once i get my soldering wick and slap on a new resistor.

Here in OZ (Australia) 2nd hand gigabtye 290 WF3 cards are fetching $220-$250 AUD which is around $165 USD I just looked on the OCAU buy sell forums and there were at least 10 sold between May and now.

Unless it is some god like chip (overclocking under water or sub zero) your asking way too much.

yeah you can get a bit more from ebay. The people who do buy 2nd hand hardware don't look at ebay, They buy from forums like this and OCAU as you know they are like minded people who generally take good care of their gear.

I have purchased at least 30 2nd hand parts (Motherboards, GPU's, memory, SSD & HDD etc, 1 was from ebay and that was a rare 1260L Xeon chip, the rest from PC forums.

Just had a quick look on newegg

Sapphire VapourX 290 $280 after rebate $300 without

Gigabyte 390 2x WF 8GB $280 after rebate $300 without

MSI 390 TFV 8GB $280 after rebate $300 without

An extra $60 over your asking price and you have a 390 with 8GB memory, then we have the shipping which errodes the price difference further.

Simply it's an easy choice of your card or a new gen one. 10/10 times I'd be buying the new card.

Yeah, I guess it's just MY particular card that seems to resell higher so I thought selling it would be a breeze.