[SOLD] Samsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 SATA 6GBs 120GB - PayPal

I bought this bad boy only to find out my M.2 bay supports PCI express and not SATA. This is a SATA M.2 drive and will work on the M.2 as long as the board supports SATA through M.2.

Its been opened and mounted on a board but never used. I cannot test if it is working so I can only assume it does. I will not guarantee this drive but given its age I'm sure its under manufacturer warranty.

Looking for $60 shipped to the lower 48 states only. Paypal or possibly googled wallet (have not tried google yet).

photo IMG_20150623_081312355_zpsuerfpcn1.jpg

It's unclear what you're talking about. Is this an mSATA SSD?

It would help if you posted the product identification number so that potential buyers can confirm that it is compatible with their systems.

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I honestly dont know how to answer that. Its an M.2 connection type which differs from mSATA I believe. I was assuming people could get the info they needed from the picture of the box. For some reason the thumb nail is not working but the picture is there.

Here is a link to the device..... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147397&cm_re=samsung_m.2_evo_850_120_gb-_-20-147-397-_-Product

I dont believe it is. I'm fuzzy on this area but M.2 is a different connection type and form factor from the older mSATA devices.

@burtonvdp @kewldude007 @brentb It is an M.2 drive, so it goes in the M.2 slot not in a mSATA slot. It is B+M M.2 so it runs over the SATA protocol and SATA lanes that are usually shared between a couple SATA 3 6gb ports and the M.2. So if you plug in this drive on most boards, two of your internal SATA ports will be dedicated to the M.2 drive, and not to any device that is plugged into the traditional SATA ports on the motherboard. This can be changed in the bios to give all lanes to the SATA ports, but then your M.2 B+M ssd will not work. Usually either the 3 and 4 SATA ports share with the M.2, or the SATA Express ports share with the M.2. https://www.ramcity.com.au/assets/images/m.2-connectors-m-b.jpg View that example to see the difference in Key types, whether be M key or B+m key.

A good example of how this all goes on board is my AsRock Z97 Extreme6. Z97 Extreme6 If you would bring up the picture of the whole board it would help to show you the difference. The M.2 that is right below the First Pcie 16x slot is pcie M.2 only. The M.2 that is below the second Pcie 16x slot is can run either as a pcie m.2, and in pcie mode will not interfere with any SATA ports, or in m.2 SATA mode which will take up the SATA 3 and 4 ports. The reason the top slot is M.2 pcie only in this case is because it is a higher bandwidth slot then most M.2. It is a Pcie Gen 3 X4 connection, where as most M.2 on Z97 is a Pcie Gen 2 X2 connection. So the top slot is capable of 32Gbps, where as the second is only capable of 10Gbps. Unless you have the Extreme 6, 9, or 11 from AsRock and you system is not X99 based, it is safe to assume you have 10Gbps M.2.

If you are serious about buying his drive, post your motherboard name here and I can tell you if it is compatible or not.

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