[Sold]Refurbished Nexus 6p 128GB

285$ US (shipping included to Canada and CONUS)

I’m selling my Nexus 6p that I refurbished. Battery, fingerprint reader and metal casing are completely new. The screen has always been covered with a protective screen (scratches and cracks that you see in the photos are on the screen protector). With Android Oreo 8.1.

It does not include original box, charger and cable. However, a USB A to USB C 3 feet cable (one of 6 feet can be added) and an after-market charger are included. Also includes a case.

The burn-in of the screen is minimal and is only perceivable with maximum brightness, in a dark room, with the display of a uniform gray.

If you have questions or want more photos, do not hesitate to contact me.