[SOLD] PowerColor R9 290 w/ XSPC Waterblock - $400

Selling my Powercolor R9 290 with the XSPC Raystorm Waterblock attached to it. Comes with 5 stop plugs for the waterblock. If requested, I will throw in a Bitspower Multi-GPU fitting for free.

Unfortunately I am away from home and did not bring the original box or cooler, so instead I will encapsulate the graphics card with hard foam and bubble wrap.

Buyer pays shipping from Vancouver, Canada.

Reason I'm selling is because 3 way crossfire is overkill for most of the games I play and I need money for school next year.



I have bought From SkateZZ's before good seller!

Very nice card! Im tempted but I have the same problem with 2x r9 290x :D

I would like to buy this card from you. Unfortunately I don't have the money at the moment, buy should within a week. If you still have it then, I'd be interested. Although I am a bit confused as to shipping, what with you being in Canada and me in the States. Would you just calculate that and tack it on to the price? 

I need to know which state you're in order to do a better estimate, but I chose a random state in the US and got about 35 bucks as the estimate.

Also, once the graphics card arrives, chances are that you will have to pay some kind of duty charge.

That is gonna bring the price a bit too high for me. Thanks for posting though.

me to but with 290's if mine were waterblocked i would. 

It's all good. Yea shipping and tax across the border is pretty ridiculously expensive.

would like to know if you still have the stock air coolant? 

Its in my other house that's 10 hours away and I go back in a month and a half. If you want to wait, I can include the original box and cooler. Or i can ship it to you when I get back.

i am highly interested in it. so please let me know, as i really am interested with the stock cooler and box. 


will pay a full 450: to you if you have the stock cooler and box included.