Sold pls lock/trash

make a offer here please not pm and if you're willing to pay shipping im willing to ship international or whatever. boost clock gets it a little past 1400 core. never mined bought new about a year ago and only oc'd for a few hours. got stable a little over 1500 in all games but skyrim which has 200+ mods and refuses to run if the gpu is oc'd at all.
edit: skyrim crashes with my gtx 1070 with a very slight oc running at 63C with like 55% TPD. pretty sure it's just skyrim being a bitch with the 200+ mods, in which case this card is fine at 1500.

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still got it still for sale.

Hi, I was going to haggle but I really hate it, please just tell me the lowest amount you're are willing to take and I'll say if I can afford it or not.

shit i forgot about this thread. i sold it a few weeks back. for 75$

I was too slow :)