[SOLD] MSI GTX 980TI Gaming 6G With Full Cover Water Block

So as many of you know... I recently had to have surgery on my kidney... Medical bills are starting to roll in and it's racking up fast. I gotta sell this thing. It's a decent Overclocker it can manage 1400 on air maintains 1350 under prolonged load. Under water it'll clock 1485 maintain 1467 under prolonged load. Stock cooler and heatsink is included will be shipped in the original packaging with accessories. looking to get $600, this price has very little wiggle room retail for the card plus block is ~$800. US only, payment to be made on paypal. The water block does not violate warranty as per MSI, warranty is not void as long as liquid does not touch the card. Please allow for 1-2 days after purchase for me to remove the card from the loop and properly clean it I'd be uncomfortable sending it in half ass condition.

Edit: I'll consider selling it at a slightly reduced price without the water block.

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Sold @moderators please lock.