SOLD! (late edit - thought forums were dead)

SOLD!!! Sorry about this, ever since the Tek Syndicate -> Level 1 thing happened I kinda assumed the forums no longer existed!

Can we bump?

Anyone have any advice on where I could sell this? Would eBay be a good place to try?

I sell alot of stuff on ebay but you do end up paying a fee for doing so and you need a paypal to ave the money sent through. Id say try dropping the price here first.

Well I sold one of them locally for $125 and the guy drove about an hour to get it, so I thought $100 here including shipping would be pretty good. Thanks for the reply, what kind of stuff do you sell on ebay?

mostly pc parts. Mobos, gpus, cpus, scrap ram and gold fingers.

Oh cool, what's your ebay seller name? I'm assuming a gold finger is some kind of sex toy...?




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Damn I just got a 370 for 100 thought it was a crazy deal

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