[SOLD] INNO3D GeForce GTX 1080Ti Twin X2

UPDATE 28/03/2018 - Not actually sold but I can’t seem to get interest anywhere so am withdrawing all listings.

UPDATE 15/03/2018 - I’ll start listing the card elsewhere now and will mark as sold here if applicable, but assume still for sale otherwise!


  • Will post within the United Kingdom only
  • "X2" is part of the model number, I’m not selling 2 cards
  • Card is brand new, unopened, unregistered

The card is brand new, hence photos of just the box. I received it today and am selling it sealed/unopened. I bought the card last month on a whim as it was clearly priced too low in today’s climate, I’ve considered keeping it but really can’t justify it unfortunately!

Some links to specifications below:

Please PM offers, prefer GBP bank transfer.

£800 on a whim? Jeez, I need a better job… a MUCH better job…

Actually £600 … decent job, no kids, it is what it is

Okay, not too bad then…

Locking due to reason:

@sharptooth if you ever need it reopened just PM me.