SOLD i5 6600k

I have a used i5 6600k that I would like to sell. There is nothing wrong with it, I just decided to move to the skylake i7. It will do 4.5 GHz if you have adequate cooling, but I ran it at 4.4 GHz because I didn't like the temperatures I was getting at 4.5 GHz. I used a -100 mV offset for the 4.4 GHz profile. I only used it for about a month before I upgraded.

I am going to ask for $230 shipped to US48. I am not sure if this is a fair price or not, so PM me reasonable offers and maybe we can work something out. I will ship elsewhere, but the buyer will have to help with extra shipping cost.

Thanks for looking!

i might be interested in it for 180. Sorry if that seems low or unfair but i can get it new from microcenter for 10 dollars more than what your asking price is.