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[SOLD] Humanscale m8 monitor arms clamp-on black USED (all 10 sold out!)


EDIT*** ALL SOLD OUT, Thanks level1 :slight_smile:

Hi there Level1techs forums, I have quite a few humanscale m8 monitor arms for sale. Conditions are used and fair-good. All of them function well, but since they were in a working environment previously, they have some dings, scratches, etc.

Brand new retail is $400, could be yours today for $150(EDIT asking $120 free shipping). you will need some mounting screws(I think m4 is pretty standard for most monitors I could be completely wrong, whatever fits your monitor I suppose) and an allen key or two to correctly counterbalance them, probably want a fairly heavy monitor as well, 10 or so pounds at least.

More photos on request. There was only one arm pictured here, it is representative of the condition of the rest of them.

edit: spelling, uploaded pre-edit pictures >.< I’m on top of things obv.

imgur gallery:



Any deals for orders of higher quantity?



@Ramiel sorry bud, didn’t see this till just now. how many would you want, and what were you thinking price wise. :wink: as long as its relatively reasonable I am open to some haggling. Id even be open to trades if you have anything you are looking to get rid of.



Hmm one more question, what’s the mounting method (the arm to the desk) ?



Picture shows a clamp.

@Church, I dm’d you but didn’t get a response. I’m interested in one.



Excellent observation, but it doesn’t answer my question. The clamp could be screw mounted, pressure mounted, etc.



Dual screw clamp.



Just got back on here again. I will answer everything I can here shortly. And anything I can’t after I get off work in 5 or so hours. Sorry about the late responses again! I will be checking this daily from here on out.

The arms all mount with a clamp, That have thumb screws on the bottom to tighten it. Ill try to throw a few pictures of the clamp around 7 pacific time.

@oO.o, I can definitely get one to you. Ill see if i have a box that can fit the arm, then oil it up and send it your way after we work out payment etc. I will throw you a message tonight, sir.



@Ramiel, This is representative of what the clamps look like on the monitor arms, but in black ofc. (picture stolen via google images from no idea where)



Update on these guys! I have officially sold and delivered one arm so far. We still have quite a few to go! These arms are taking up a not insignificant amount of space at my apartment, and they are way too nice a product to simply stagnate in my closet. If anyone is interested, please reply here or get in contact with me via pm. Shipping is 15 dollars, tracking included; And est. delivery time is 3-5 business days.



I can confirm this is legit. I already owned an identical arm and now have a second from @church.

This is the best monitor arm that I know of.

Communication, shipping and packaging were all excellent. A set of standard hex keys is needed for assembly.

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Still looking to sell 6 of these, need to get them out quick, price is a bit more negotiable due to extenuating circumstances.



ALL SOLD :smiley: Thanks peoples.


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