[SOLD] FS: SuperMicro MBD-H12SSL-NT-O USD$400 shipped

Hey Gang,

We have an extra MOBO back from SuperMicro - was RMAd and they sent a brand new MOBO in replacement. Our whoesaler sent us a replacement right away a few weeks back as we couldn’t wait on this project.

Happy to answer questions - keeping the seal on the static bag.


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paypal ok?

That’s a sexy board.

Oh yah. We love it.

I recently settled for the closest poor people option I could get, a SuperMicro X9DRH-7F. $125 shipped with a couple low spec CPUs and 2x 2U heatsinks. 1 x16 slot and 6 x8 open-ended slots. Variations of it have 10Gbit, mine doesn’t. Looks like your board has 10Gbit.

Yes indeed… and a cute static bag!