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[SOLD] EVGA GTX 1660 sc | EVGA GTX 960 ACX 2.0

1660: SOLD
960: SOLD
As the title says, an EVGA GTX 1660 SC for sell. Bought it as I though maybe I could use it anyway for my future built, but realized that the 1660 SC is in fact 19cm for the PCB, so selling it. Has been used for a total of 3 months. The timestamp are from Saturday because I posted it on reddit, but forgot to post here. So mods just say it to me if you want me to redo the picture with up-to-date timestamps.

Added my EVGA GTX 960 ACX 2.0 2 GB. In good condition. was never overclocked or used for mining



Added my 960 to the post

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