[SOLD] EK thermosphere Universal GPU block with most additional mounting brackets, might trade for keyboard

I'm selling my EK Thermosphere because my graphics card is too wide for it by 1/8 an inch. I stripped it down and cleaned it using distilled water.

Yes that is my foot stop gawking.
Comes with the G80 (standard) G92 (additional) and R600 (additional) mounting brackets to check if it will fit your card and whether or not I have the brackets you need check here it also has all the little screws etc. i could have layed them out and took a pic but I thought that would be kind of silly.
The plugs are not what originally came on it they are black chrome, no I will not put the original back on this would require me draining my loop again as I had swapped them to somewhere hidden for the sake of matching fittings.
The block is $72 new and each bracket is $13 I only want $50 + shipping for all of it(probably $7-15 shipping depending where you are). Selling to people in the USA only. I work at UPS so it will be shipped in a timely manner.
Taking payment by PayPal only and it's not being shipped till i'm paid I will provide tracking upon shipment etc. etc. insert whatever I forgot here.
Edit: I have 10 Vram/VRM heatsinks I can include for free, they have little bits of thermal paste on them here and there could use a little cleaning but it's free so deal with it.

Will consider cross shipping for a merchanical keyboard as full payment (maybe, depends what you have) with FORUM REGULARS ONLY NO RANDOMS

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I thought you confirmed the fittings on the block BEFORE you purchased a $650 GPU.

is this compatible with an r9 290 by chance? If it is I will buy rn. EDIT i just checked and it is. I pmed you @SoulFallen

I'm a pro at screwing up, remember? I had confirmed the mounting I had no idea the pcb would be too wide.

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