[SOLD] Club3D Radeon R9 280X RoyalQueen ($155)

Got another GPU for you guys. Little info for you before the pictures:

This card has some coil whine. In an uninsulated case you will hear it, but it's not extremely high pitched. It is louder than the fans up to about 66%, at which point the fans are what I would consider unnecessarily audible. The card runs fantastic at stock settings, but does require a decent voltage bump for something like 1125MHz (1169mV was stable in every test, coil whine did not increase intensity) however the card does not have heatsinks on the vRAM, which is standard. It didn't affect stability.

Card is not too old, with around 8 months of usage. Never used for mining, only gaming at 1080p. I don't believe it was ever overclocked for a major length of time, just once or twice to see how it could do. Comes with the box and accessories minus a DVI-VGA adapter.

Club3D details the card as having a 925MHz Core clock, 1000MHz Boost, and 1500 Memory. I found the card actually has a 1050Mhz Core and no boost, but retains the 1500MHz Memory clock.

I'm looking to get $155 shipped. US Lower 48 only.

Here are those pictures:



IO Plate + Front Profile

Box and Accesssories

Whats your shipping location?

Lower 48, my bad. Thought I had that in there.

I don't even know what lower 48 means so I think that shipping to the Netherlands will be way to expensive :p

The contiguous lower 48 states of the United States of America. And yes, shipping to the Netherlands would be around $70.

I can atest to how good this card is, I used to own the non re-badged version and it still performs excellently in my brothers machine for games at 1080p.

Card sold, cheers!