[SOLD] ASUS Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WiFi - broken

Looking for the Sage box and accessories, specifically the VGA cable. Trying to revive a busted board…

Well, since I really don’t have the time to continue the search for the vga cable to try to identify what’s wrong with this mobo, I’m happy to give it away to someone else who’s willing to have a go.

It does not come with any accessories, BMC is not accessible via LAN (at least I can’t make it, but the leds suggest everything is in order). There’s a couple of bent but what it looks like working pins.

I only ask of you to request the board if you have a genuine interest in debugging/fixing it and you’re willing to pay for the shipping. Location is California.

Feel free to DM me to figure out the details.


iirc if you call asus and tell them the socket is mangled they will fix it for like $100 and it takes them about 10 working days?

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There is something else broken with the board, but I don’t know how to debug without access to the bmc.

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I’d volunteer to toss that board under one of our binocular microscopes here and get the socket straightened out since it really doesn’t look that bad, but unfortunately I don’t have any kind of CPU to test with. So not much I could do with it sadly.

Hope someone who knows what they’re doing gets their hands on this; if it’s mainly the socket causing problems, that looks 100% repairable with the right tools as long as they don’t make a bigger mess out of it. It’d be a shame if someone just attacked a $1000 motherboard with a pair of tweezers on their kitchen table and made it worse.

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I’d be interested if UK shipping would be available have a spare 3955wx I could try it out with if working.

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@F1N I’ve shipped to EU before, but no experience with UK customs. I’m happy to give it a shot.

@NorthernWing If I ship it to you, do you wanna try and fix the pins?


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Let me know if there’s any takes for the board - cost is shipping. Otherwise it’s going on ebay. Need to get it out the house.

Ill be down to say yeah to taking it, depending on shipping costs/import to the UK as I have a 3955wx waiting to find a new home

if there’s anyway to DM me on L1T Forum ill check shipping + Prices

DM sent

Oh we europeans and the UK had a lot of practice with them during the last 2 years :smiley: But as long as you treat it like you do with e.g. Japan, it’ll be fine.