[SOLD] ($400) Gaming/Workstation PC[SOLD]

Selling this under priced cause I have no income right now and I need money.

Spec List

  • Ryzen 5 2600X (Includes Noctua NH-U12S)
  • Asus Prime A320I-K
  • Corsair 32GB DDR4 kit (2x16GB) 2133Mhz
  • Sapphire Radeon RX580
  • Kingston 240GB M.2 NVME
  • WD 3.5" 1TB Black
  • Corsair CX650M
  • Fractal Design Define Nano without window. (ITX only case)
  • Windows is installed and activated, although I have no idea what the license key is. It’s just retaining the key in the motherboard apparently.

I built this computer roughly 2 years ago. The graphics card and mechanical hard drive are about a year old. I added those after the initial build.

Haven’t had any issues running Linux, which is what it’s been running for the last two years. In preparation for sale, I did format all the drives and install the latest version of Windows 10 Pro.

List price: $400 US (OBO) + shipping

Shipping from southern Utah, buyer pays shipping. Wouldn't recommend shipping outside the states cause it might not make it due to the "varus".

Screenshot from 2020-08-26 15-52-48


bumping because excellent price


I would say give a higher price, with a range down towards the low, low price quoted. (like $100 to $600) or something, I really don’t know pricing

I gotz no skin in da game, as Im across tha pond tho

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Oh, and if it does like Fortnugget or WardZones, maybe try Craigslist or FB marketplace or something?

I hear a Lot about FB market from my normie mates, and some of the deals are incredulous

If it doesn’t sell for a while here, then I’ll list it locally. Although then I get non-tech people asking to look at it. And they just make low-ball offers.

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not nice


Bummer, if i weren’t reviving my old 5820k build (aka the struggle bus) I’d snatch this up for parts.

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Bobbeh Hill Eatin

If only I could justify this amazing price hope it finds a good home

My brother in law is a nurse in the ER and I would love to surprise him with a pc. If you have not already found a home?