SOHO Cable Management Trays


I’m in the planning stages of an overhaul of an old network in my office. It was an old house and home business, which outgrew its dial-up internet beginnings.

So, I’m looking at trying to find some smaller cable trays since this isn’t a datacentre, but it has to support something like 25 or so lines to the rest of the building. Does anyone know of things that will cost less than a full custom built solution?

Cable hooks?

I use EMT conduit straps, like 1.5 - 2" ones. Similar to a J-hook seen above, but easier to find at a hardware store / home improvement center.

Tool storage hooks?

That looks good too, actually big enough to use in a business setting too. Hmmm, maybe I’ll buy a few from Amazon for the shop.

That’s brilliant! Thanks!