Software to copy an existing windows 10 to a fresh drive

I am looking for a solution, using which I can copy all the contents of a older HDD to a fresh SDD. Both drives are going to be SATA, I would prefer not to do a fresh install, due to some of the software on that HDD being proprietry and hard to reinstall.
Any suggestions?
Thank you already in advance

Free version of the AOMEI Backupper ; clone functionality will let you do this.

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Clonzilla would do this without issue as well.


Is the SSD going to be larger or smaller than the old HDD?

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I use Macrium Reflect. There’s a free version and you can resize partitions in the process. You’ll need to install it, then create a bootable ISO based on Windows PE and boot that from a disc or flash drive.

I’ve used Reflect since 2016 and it’s been consistently reliable.