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Software - Recommended Ripping and Fetching Software

Just wondering what you guys can recommend for ripping software. As well as metadata fetching software.

I had been using Windows 7’s media player for fetching audio information very well. Unfortunately, fairly some what recently, Microsoft thought it was a good idea to discontinue the media player metadata fetching for Windows 7 (source:,
while at the same time leaving non working service in the media player for Windows 10 (such as not fetching artwork and the differences I had taken notes on between the two).

Bottom line, I need a good alternative for fetching media information.

For ripping audio, my go to is EAC

It has metadata fetching in it, but the database it moved to is a single payment now, iirc. You can always manually input the metadata if you prefer.

I haven’t tried this DB, but VLC draws its metadata from it, so look at it’s list of software that also uses the same DB

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I prefer the automatic fetching. I got that in Windows 7’s Windows Media Player and it seems to have done a good job.

Btw why do you have to pay to access a database?
Microsoft was doing it for free.
Is it that good or something?

VLC is garbage for CD ripping. I’ll take literally anything else.

I was maybe mis remembering, or had mis configed something. I hadn’t used EAC in a while and didn’t spend a lot of time fussing with the fetching options for the few items I needed it for recently. It looks like VLC and EAC are using the same database, here is their licensing info.
In short for non commercial entities, like you or me, it can be used as CC0.

However, it does indicate that if you need/want cover art you’ll have to go to

I think I got Foobar2000 to work.
It doesn’t act exactly the same as Windows 7’s Windows Media Player, but there are a lot of similarities, and it’s easy to use.
As for the automatic searching/fetching of the media information, I think that’s something I need to look into further.

I think the key thing to look for right now is a/the database.

Musicbee will rip and search music database for metadata as well. It’s my preferred music app for ripping and playing on Windows.

Exact Audio Copy is probably the best for pure ripping with playback being done by another app.


Hey, just tried MusicBee, and that’s what I was talking about.
Honest to god my experience with using MusicBee is complete garbage, but because it seems to do such a good job fetching automatically/on such short notice/on demand default with ease, I might actually make it my “go to” for ripping.

It’s actually stupid easy to use for ripping.

edit- nvm just had an issue where the artwork is only displaying half when ripped

Okay, so I think? I came across a “distorted” solution. It works to my liking a little bit, but I prefer to have both in one rather than having to rely on two.

Ripping in Windows 10’s Windows Media Player seems to still work, but then after that, opening the audio files in bulk in VLC seems to work for automatically fetching the artwork.

Still prefer an “all in one” solution, so if anyone has a recommendation, feel free to shout.

EAC is a all in one and is relatively automatic. Now will it auto detect? No, but if you already have it open to rip audio on your desktop, it is 1 extra click.

If you are ripping from a server, then it will be a whole different story and that would explain why you are looking for a automatic metadata editing.

Heck @eposvox did a old, but easy guide on ripping audio from exac audio copy and getting metadata

…I think…

Messing around with VLC, MusicBee, and Windows Media Player

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Okay, so right now, I’m working with MusicBee and Windows Media Player. The image files are added after selecting “Auto-tag by Album” and then selecting “Apply Tags” in Music Bee, then running Windows Media Player.

I was hoping VLC had a bigger part in this, but I’ve narrowed it down to those two.

My next step is to try and dig further to see if there is a specific tag field that is causing the image files to be added.

Alright, I think I’m done. I made a post here:
because I can’t take it anymore. I’ve been trying to get it working or find out what exactly makes these files appear, but I just can’t figure it out.

They do have a seperate program “Musicbrainz picard” that´s for tagging only. So you could rip your songs using EAC and then Picard to add the tags afterwards. No need to use VLC for it.

I’m sticking to Windows Media Player because of how easy it is to use.

Can’t even get MusicBrainz Picard to fetch artwork idk how to use this shit

I figured it out! yay!

These files are based off of the image file that are already binded to the audio file.

So for example, if you have and bind an image file called “Cover.JPG” to the audio file, load Windows Media Player with the audio file in your Windows Media Player library, these files will be created.

But now here’s the thing, it doesn’t even have to be a word specific image file. You could literally call it something absurd like “DildoCannons.JPG” and these files will still appear based off of that file as long as it’s binded to the audio file.

I finally figured this shit out. I literally thought it was calling some server I’ve never heard of or didn’t know which, but it turns out that’s not the case. FINALLY.