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Software Raid assist on Windows 10

I’m in the midst of recreating my poor-mans dedicated server for media/gaming and was looking at a 3 disk RAID setup with 4TB disks. Was thinking of using something like RAID 5 with the very basic understanding I have about what RAID variations are, and was lookinng at a software solution for the setup as I’ve got a separate boot drive and this is just for storage.

Any main suggestions on what I should be looking at using to get this one running, and/or if there’s a better option I don’t know about as a RAID newbie? Thanks!

I’ve only ever setup a few HDD’s in RAID Zero using the Disk Management utility under Windows 10 Pro.

You have to convert the drives to DYNAMIC so you can use the software RAID function.

I never paid attention to see if I could setup 3 or more HDD’s in a RAID 5 array.

I would think it would be the same procedure, have 3 or more HDD’s and go to Administrative Tools and then Computer Management.

Then click on Disk Management under the Storage section.