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Software Pick of the Week | Firefox Relay - Generate email aliases

I constantly come across projects that are interesting and want to share, so here’s the first ! A cool looking Resource Monitor called basTop !

Here’s a screenshot of the software I just installed :


Easy to use, with a game inspired menu system.
Fast and “mostly” responsive UI with UP, DOWN keys process selection.
Function for showing detailed stats for selected process.
Ability to filter processes.
Easy switching between sorting options.
Send SIGTERM, SIGKILL, SIGINT to selected process.
UI menu for changing all config file options.
Auto scaling graph for network usage.
Shows message in menu if new version is available
Shows current read and write speeds for disks
Multiple data collection methods which can be switched if running on Linux

Stop by the github page and give it a look !


Software Pick of the Week.

Sounds great!

And yes, bashtop. Quite a neat tool. Not sure how well it’d fit into my workflow though.


Oh, and there is a python port; bpytop. @freqlabs posted it a little while ago, and now I was like this BashTOP seems really familiar.


I think anyone new to linux could find this helpful, many of use to further understand how to use a particular command/function need to see it it action. In comes tldr !

A very fast implementation of tldr in Rust: Simplified, example based and community-driven man pages.

Here are some examples !

I’m resurecting this Nekro for a cool app for all the new pipewire users out there !

Helvum !

Helvum is a GTK-based patchbay for pipewire, inspired by the JACK tool catia.

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Start of the week ! So new software pick !

If you are tired of sharing your personal email with Big Box Reward Cards, or Website sign on? This very cool plug in helps.

Firefox Relay lets you generate email aliases that forward to your real inbox. Use it to hide your real email address and protect yourself from hackers and unwanted mail. Firefox Relay helps you protect your real email address — the one most closely tied to your online identity. It lets you generate unique, random aliases you can use to sign up for accounts, apps, or newsletters, and forwards messages to your real address. If you find that an account is sending unwanted email or spam, you can block the alias and it will stop sending email to your inbox. Once you no longer want an account, you can delete the alias.

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