Software For Making Games?

I wanna start working on making a game what kind of software should i use preferable i would like it to be free because some software can get crazy high almost in the $1,000  

I want it to be 3rd person so yea.

Well it's a bit of endeavor to make a game if you were unaware. From what I've personally used, I would recommend either Unity 3D, or Unreal Engine. I had some links to some really good unity tutorials, but have misplaced them. I'll try to find them again.

K ty

For big 3D type games I would definitely go Enreal Engine. I an developing g a distaste as a gamer, I do not make games, for Unity.

For smaller stuff the is the likes of RPG Maker and I am sure there are others but my mind is just not will to cooperate with itself to form thoughts. These though will be more for turn based 2D games.

UDK for lowest overall cost, probably ue4 comes in second.  Just don't touch unity, not worth it.  rpg maker if you want to do an old school 2d turn based rpg/jrpg.

Nothing wrong with Unity though. Unless you consider Wasteland 2, Endless Legend or the upcoming Torment game bad example what can be done with Unity ;)

There is a good 3D game SDK on Linux that is really nice. It is Free and Open Source as well as Gratis. It is available for Linux and Windows. It is called the Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D game maker.


HTML5 if you know javascript
Unity3D if you know C# <-- although there is no source.
Unreal 4 if you know C/C++ 
OpenGL if you want to build your own engine like i did :) 

If you're looking to make your own assets and models you'll need Autodesk Maya or Autodesk 3Ds Max, I would suggest Maya over 3Ds because of the character animation aspect of it. Then you'll need Adobe Photoshop for texturing (MS paint can suffice but its a bit of a pain) and finally UDK (Unreal Engine Development Kit) you can get away with minimal C++ and C# coding in it but it would be a massive advantage to at least know some basic code (for troubleshooting).

You can get Maya and Photoshop on a student license for free, it just has some annoying popup reminders that you're using student software.