Software for 4k TV as a PC Monitor

Hi there,

I just bought a Lenovo P50 laptop full spec and I would like to buy a 4K monitor/TV. My question is, have you tried any kind of software that splits a 4K TV into 4? This would make it seem like I have 4 monitors which is the desired effect for me. The TV I am looking at is 43"

Thanks in advance for your input.

windows or linux? cause

The vast majority of my workflow is in Windows even though all of my laptops have Ubuntu installed on them for personal use.

At the moment my setup is a desktop with 4 monitors using Ultramon which for the most part works great. Looking for a similar experience with a single 4K 43" monitor. It will essentially be just like my setup without the bezels.

Using a 4k tv monitor and windows 10. The built in window management seems pretty good. Is there something I am missing by not using software geared towards this?

For linux there is gTile and x tile and possible others but I find that I work much better using a windows tiling manager like Awesome

I use linux on my lenovo e330. I have tried i3 and like it but just have not forced myself to sit down and use it on a day to day basis. gonna dual boot linux on my Windows 10 machine hooked to 4k tv and work with it for more production work.

Windows 10 features are very good I know. What I am missing is the ability to have the 4 taskbars. That was very helpful to what I was doing. I guess I will have to get used to it.