Software Development

this question is probably asked a thousand times, however I am new to the site so please don't tear my head off. lol I have a very strong interest in learning code and such I want to become a software developer. Would a degree in Computer Science be a good route to becoming a software developer? any answers appreciated! 

How long are you away from deciding what to study (i.e. how old are you)? And do you already have some experience with coding? A good route to become a software developer is always to start coding.

I actually am already through a year of college. Im 20 yrs old. started out at a community college and my current plan of study was duel majoring getting 2 associates degrees. One in computer information technology. and the other in computer information systems. and I have already taken a very basic coding class. actually it was a computer logic class however there was some coding. after this year of school i plan to transfer to another college to get a bachelors. only problem is when I get my associates degrees I am not sure which program to transfer into.