Software Development Team

Software Development Team

I think it could be interesting if Tek Syndicate formally organized its coders to develop a game or some enterprise software. They could get some really good community support with Tek Syndicate and legitimize the company as a whole. 

I would love to see a game. I don't think enterprise software is a good idea from the whole TS community, but I bet if we all got together and made a game it would come out really cool! We could use GitHub and share code amongst everyone so that everybody could fork it/add to it/whatever if they wanted to.


Not sure if GitHub is a great tool for sharing 3d assets.

EDIT: Realized my comment was a bit irrelevant to the original post, so my apologies. To be clear, I would pledge full support to such an idea.


I think it could be setup to where those who contribute to the game the most get a cut of the revenue. This could allow Tek Syndicate to attract the whole of talent of its viewers. 

I believe someone else had this same idea a month or so ago. The only issues when I try to get people to help on a project is difficulty in finding people skilled enough to work without having to be told what to do and finding people motivated enough to stay on top of a project.

To really gain traction, a movement like this needs to be organized by official TS staff. I would bet a dollar if Wendell set a very specific set of guidelines for a project and solicited community help those with the appropriate skills would jump all over it. Those who need hand holding will eventually lose interest if left to their own devices.


How about you work on a content delivery platform? Might be a need for it. Tho, i recommend you lawyer up afterwords.

"You better lawyer up asshole, because I'm not coming back for 30%, I'm coming back for EVERYTHING."