Software development build / config for Visual Studio on Windows

What parts would you recommend for Software Development using Visual Studio on Windows?

What I am mainly interesting on is:

  • Motherboard
  • Cpu
  • Ram
  • SSD
  • Windows setup (Antivirus exclusions for example)

I work on a solution that has lots of AutoGen and can takes 1-2min to build on a Ryzen 5 3600.


What are you using to auto gen some of your code? Does it actually use all 12 threads of your 3600? And also do you really need to regenerate everything every single time you start the project? Maybe its better you look what takes the most time when compiling and check if there is a way to make it incremental.

For all I know a 3600 is a perfectly capable chip for ‘developement with visual studio’ (which could mean a lot of things).

I built a software development workstation last July.

  • Whichever motherboard works for you. I picked an ASUS X570
  • AMD 3900X
  • 64 GB ECC @2,666 MHz
  • 980 GB Optane 905P SSD
  • I’m running Ubuntu Linux as base with a KVM Windows. No special AV just Windows Defender.

Thank you fr sharing how it really works