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Socket To Me! $50k Epyc Server for VDI! | Level One Techs


The setup that you are talking about is doable right now, with arch linux, or ubuntu as a hypervisor and gpu passthrough on a windows VM. Nvdia gpus have suport via geforce experince for streaming to another pc over the network and steam in home streaming is also a good choice. For streaming client software, i use moonlight game stream, or the steam streaming service. For setting up the hypervisor and the VM, there are very good guides for both arch linux and ubuntu. Personaly i use unraid as a hypervisor it has a easy to use gui when creating VM s and assigning cpu cores, ram, and gpu. It also helps to avoid the error code 43 when installing gpu drivers of the passthrough gpu on a windows VM.


Will keep an eye out for the results of SR-IOV testing, it’d be great if it works!


I’m already running my daily driver as a VM with GPU passthrough, it’s just doing it over the network so I could put the computer in a 4U server case somewhere else in the house and then play games with a minimal, clean and silent desktop.

A project for the future when I have a bit more than a weekend of free time and the space to do it :stuck_out_tongue:


This is the driver to which that series card is pointed to. I am not sure how I came to that conclusion but the Mx series cards have official support to VMware ESXi and a few others. The newer v340 was currently only written on KVM. If I remember correctly this driver is what was referenced for both cards, and that I had specifically chosen this card as donor drivers for my future attempts at treating the Radeon VII as an Instinct series.


Since those GPUs have excellent double precision performance, I want to see Star Citizen performance in a VDI. Make that happen @wendell.


I want to create a server for virtualization LAB and passthrough 2 radeons under Windows Server 2016/2019 (DDA) or unraid. For this purpose I think of buying cheapest Epyc processor (8 cores) and need to select some motherboard.


1.What exactly mobo was choosen to "Socket To Me! $50k Epyc Server for VDI!" project and why?

2.How does the IOMMU grouping look like for this mobo? What about passing through GPU, usb, sata drives etc.?

3.Does SP3\Epyc platform have any advantages for virtualization purposes (SR-IOV, IOMMU) over threadripper (except for max number of PCIe lanes and cpu cores?)

4.Are there any advantages of Intel LGA3647/Xeon E5 platforms over AMD when it comes to virtualization/passthrough/iommu/sr-iov etc.?

Thank you very much