Socket FM2+ Wifi motherboard suggestion?

Hello guys and girls, I have already put together a system for my friend with the help of some awesome people on here. I have a great motherboard for it but my friend might not be able to put the PC in the same room as the router. So what I was thinking of doing is getting him a motherboard with wifi included. Would any of you know of any good ones, I found one from Gigabyte but it's a mini-itx board, I would like it to be a ATX form factor if possible, if not then we'll see what happens with his PC placement. Thanks in advance (:


You're gonna have to get an atx motherboard and put a wifi card in it. I don't think any fm2 atx motherboards have wifi built in (not that I can find anyway).

Alright and for these wifi cards, is there a one better than the other or does it not matter what you get?

It shouldn't matter too much, I have the asus PCE-N15 and it works great. 

Sounds good, thanks for the help (: