Socket 2011 MOBO help

So I recently rewatched the teksyndicate video on the dual CPU workstation and wanted to make a system based around the Intel Xeon E5-2670. Here in the UK you can pick these up for around £60 so would make a great cheap CPU but lga 2011 motherboards still seem to be around £150+ even secondhand.

Has anyone got any advice on where I can find cheaper deals or suitable alternatives.


Nope. Those boards are expensive now. Nothing you can do about it.

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I have a Sandy-E rig I built back in 2012 and I was surprised by your comment. I had thought it was old hat and we should see the price come down on these older x79 motherboards. eBay used to be a goldmine for old hardware but appears to be swamped with chancers. People selling old stock at over the top prices in the hope that some muppet will bite.

I think you are going to have to find a IT company and ask them what they do with old decommissioned hardware. eBay always was the wild west but now it's full of snake oil salesmen.

The crazy thing is that when I bought my MSI X79 motherboard it cost £157.99. Going by the prices on eBay I think I could sell it today for a small profit!

Just buy the whole server. It's cheaper. Easier.

Yeah that is exactly what I thought! But I was wrong, I've havn't had a huge amount of time to fish :(

Thanks mate! I'll look into it!