So, Windows 10 has been announced


What do you all think of what they're doing with it?  I kinda like the new features, especially the start menu.

I'm excited about it honestly, I love the look of it and if it's basically windows 8 with a good start menu and none of the tile screen shit it will be perfect for me.

*cough* Gnu software features from a decade ago *cough*

It sucks...

lol ☺

I've used the preview and I'll say I'd like to use it as a replacement for Windows 7 when the time comes. The multi desktop thing is a GNU thing that has been around for ages, like Vultan said. But when I did the install it's still NTFS. kinda wish they would make something new or get a bit rot prevention like btrfs. Oh well. 

Not sure if you were joking around or not but care to explain? I'm a bit interested in opinions of W10.

the other thread, with first impressions and such.

Saw your opinions in the Longe so no need to explain! :D

yeah, that was hilarious.

I'm currently running my PC on Win10 and it looks really nice especially the start menu with the live tiles. At first I thought it wouldn't be such a big deal to me but when you get your e-mail and calender n stuff set up, its really nice to use. The store is mostly crap tho.

At the moment it's kinda buggy sometimes when playing games, or running tons of windows open at the same time.

Example: I was playing Mass Effect 3 and I got a joining game error (which also appears on win7) so I pressed Alt+f4 and my computer restarted. But I'm sure they'll fix this problem before the release of win10.

Tested on My Surface Pro. Loved it so much, and it was very stable, so I put it on my main machine. Works great with dual monitors. Everything works fine

Running it through a VM, I think the workspace switcher looks like a weird OS modification, and the tiles look very ugly when merged with the start menu.  Beauty wise, Ubuntu is better, and Ubuntu still looks like garbage with Unity.  So if you want a OS that looks sexy after you get everything done, install Arch with the Budgie desktop.

Ya, I installed in VM too. Glad to see some Linux guys here. I felt like Win 10 was generally pretty good, but the "new" features weren't executed in the best way. I found user space switching to be good, but require more to switch between than something like Gnome. As for the four corner snapping, that should have happened a long time ago. Good thing no one else came up with it in that time (oh wait..they did). Seriously though, it should be worth an upgrade for most users (especially if they add shadow copy back).

Ikr! ZFS has come full circle and continues to succeed, and Btrfs is coming around as well. Microsoft and Apple are just sitting around redoing the UI every once in a while (to be fair there were some good "under the hood" improvements done recently in Windows). Frankly, it looks like the latest OS X Yosemite adds small features, a largely unwanted UI change, and one generation of hardware support. HFS+ and NTFS are getting old and when Btrfs comes full circle, it will be even harder to deny the benefits.