So whos watching the Playoffs

As im sure a bunch of us know the Stanley Cup Playoffs have just kicked off after this years shortened season.

so i though id start a thread asking whos watching them and what team your rooting for/your opnions on what will happen in the playoffs this year ?

and also this may be a nice place to keep Playoff related info or news in one nice thread for us Hockey fans so we dont have to dig through everything else or someone cant point us at where to find the info were looking for.

oh and before anyone goes guessing who i like, just know that i hail from the great dirt mounds of Southern Ontario.... and yes I am Leafs fan!



I am a bruins fan Night so you better watch out! I am so mad they lost last night though.

Sports... ball?

Howd you like that 2nd game EH

I feel like the series is just about to get really good.

i'm sure vancouver will be a riot as usual

Sportspuck to be exact ;)

Since the Flyers didn't make it I'll be cheering for the Capitals and Senators as usual.

I haven't followed hockey for about 6-7 years now, but now the Leafs seem to have so awesome luck, I might start watching again. BeyondNight you're not alone, Toronto needs this, it's been too long, we gotta represent Canada!

I don't like their chances though. Did you happen to catch that Justin Abdelkader hit? nasty

I hate being on a bandwagon but since my team is down 0-3 to the sharks. I will probably root for the leafs. Just cause its boston too. I'd rather see a team that has never won the cup in this century than one that did.

Been a Rangers fan all my life. They're down 0-2 to the Caps in the series right now : (