So what the hell is wrong with my V-Moda Boom Pro? Static, Echo, Noise issues

I suppose you could say i’ve been having this problem ever since i’ve owned my V-Moda Boom Pro Phillips SPH-9500S combo and used it as my gaming headset. Except this problem is very inconsistent. Which actually makes is even MORE annoying.

So basically, my mic will be INCREDIBLY staticy and messed up sounding, and i’ll have an insane echo when speaking. I originally thought this was exclusively a problem with Grand Theft Auto Online. Because that game does have some whoopty mic problems… But recently i’ve experienced it in Discord and even in Counter-Strike:Source.

I read online about people having the same issue. Something about the ground being shared between the mic and audio cable? Whatever the hell that means.

It’s otherwise performed admirably. Never let me down. Great audio quality. I’d been told i sound like the host of a podcast show. :smiley: