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So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?



Yeah a little bit.


@Alamar know any good stonerdoom bands?


Heck yeah. The 'stoner' sub-genre is pretty abstract. On one hand you have super heavy bands (i.e. slomatics, belzebong, conan), while on the other you have the more bluesy stoner doom/rock bands (i.e. sleep, orange goblin, the sword). I prefer the super heavy stuff :slight_smile:
Ocean Chief
Mammoth Storm
Ethereal Riffian


great band


Conan and Slabdragger for days. I'm going to listen to your list.


These guys got announced for Bloodstock so I'm happy!


The new Unleash The Archers Album


Yeah. Here's my doom playlist that I shill to everyone if you are interested :smiley:

Unfortunately, a lot of these videos might not be available outside North America because of dumb region locking stuff with the youtube topic videos, but I like the higher quality audio.


don't know if someone else mentioned this but, damn, i do like it



I like big butts and I cannot lie


The easiest thing for me to recommend would probably be Intervals.

However, I'll throw a few others out..

If you don't mind vocals:

If you do mind vocals:





GOJIRA - L'Enfant Sauvage





The elk cow