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So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?



A friend showed me Animals as Leaders to get me into metal. So far, I'm in love. Favorite part in Cafo is 2:21-3:14.


For some old guys they still sound pretty damn good. Also note they finally updated their website, so that could be exciting.

Tool - The Grudge



Jump in the fire, Seek n Destroy


I started listening to those guys yesterday and I really like what I hear.


I don't generally listen to a lot of metal, however I really enjoy prog metal stuff like Plini. Would anyone have suggestions to similar artists?


Hmm...Few that come up to mind atm.

Also you can check here for more recommendations:


Winterfylleth - Divination of Antiquity (full album)


This band just keeps pushing out some awsome st0ff


Russian Circles - Vorel




These guys are great.

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Reminds me of New School Dissection.



Vocals remind me of Angels Gossow! I'll be checking out moorraawwww


Before & After

I like them both.




Getting into doom? Electric wizard, Sleep, candlemass (and sabbath of course) were my doom gateway bands.