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So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?



Chon's Newborn Sun EP. I'm not sure if you lot would classify jazzy djent as metal but whatever.


Awesome band, my favorite track is Horizon.


A great theme for a show that I used to love but now I know AIRWOLF was stupid.


I'm re-watching it for the first time in 15 or so years. Now in the middle of season 3 (the last one that mattered).
As long as you keep 80's show quality and budgets in mind it's quite enjoyable really. Never going to win any awards, but good entertainment nonetheless.

And when I'm done, guess what I'll be watching next?

The Blu-Rays arrived today, ripping them as I type this.

Oh, I have


lined up for watching as well, been stuck in the 80s lately.
I really should watch MacGuyver someday too, never had a chance to see it BITD, it started around bedtime. Don't care for the A-team though, never really got into that.


Last year I bought my first TV in 8 years. I started flipping channels and landed on The A-Team for a few minutes. "Why am I doing this? No wonder I haven't owned a TV for years."

The '80s were fun. I guess I picked the wrong Airwolf episode.


"Avarice" - Disturbed


Plini - Every Piece Matters



"Devil's Night" Motionless in White


Does awesome Psychedelic Rock qualify?


A new Kobra and the Lotus video.

Not sure if I like this new sound.


I'm listening to this right now




Volbeat Evelyn (featuring Mark "Barney" Greenway)



LOL kisstastic loll lol lol


heyyyyyy youuuuuu guysssss


some classic ozzy