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So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?



Ancient Bards - A New Dawn Ending

Spoiler warning? It's the last song of the thus far 3 album long concept/saga that reflects on a lot of the events and reveals some major twists so... if you care don't listen to this first?


I'm listening to metal alright, the chugging sound of four pistons displacing two litres each, the vibrations of the boat and the clatter of cutlery as vibrating.


Definately not metal in the traditional sense... but still awesome

youtube borked on the site I guess?



Marry me, Dianne.



I've been listening to this album on repeat at work since its release and it's awesome. With each album they change a little more and this continues their move away from traditional melodic death metal. With that being said, it's fantastic. I can see why fans dropped off after Come Clarity, but damn they still kick ass.

@SoulFallen, I know you're an In Flames fan. What do you think?


Song: Imperial Death March.
Album: Versus.
Band: The Haunted.



I'm not really a fan of modern in flames I like the old stuff. Haven't listened to the new album yet, it's not high on my list of priorities because I'll probably just be dissapointed again. Seems like with every album their guitarist gets lazier.


been working on a shredology topic for a while now, so perhaps you'll enjoy it if you like Paul. Made his thread a while back.


Yeah I can see why. So much of their music has changed. I thought the music was at it's laziest in A Sense of Purpose. They just didn't seem to be trying at all with that one!


Its much too easy to make money creating mediocre music for the broadest audience (lowest common denominator) possible, especially when you already have established name recognition. These days, you poo out a demo and then feed it through the make-this-sound-good machine and your good to go.


I find it funny In flames established their name on people who aren't even in the band anymore.


That is... Many bands, actually...
Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir...


Negura Bunget - Om



The time is neigh


I'm really digging Straight Line Stitch these days.


After talking about Hypocrisy I went to listen to this album........and discovered a song I'd not heard before!