So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?

Some extra weird genre defying song from Nekrogoblikon. Still too much metal to not be metal.

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Technically not metal, but too metal for the non metal thread.

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Symphonic with lots of twinned and layered vocal leads, so atmospheric and melodic. At times the sound’s close to a metal base under a Gregorian chant.

Been thinking about Alexi Laiho a lot lately. RIP, Wildchild.


One of my personal favourite albums that I probably would have never known about if I hadn’t worked at a local record store in my late teens. SPECIFICALLY this version, with Lawrence Mackrory on session vocals. The main vocalist they have now and re-recorded this album with just lacks feeling compared to the original version, which, for a session vocalist sounds pretty fucking genuine and empathetic.

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While Industrial is its own genre, it’s definitely metal adjacent.

More Alt-Rock, but AIC post Layne Staley feels exactly like The Cult’s Beyond Good and Evil album; heavier than they’ve ever been trying to reinvent themselves. Not bad by any means, but “heavy” doesn’t equate to “metal.”

Crossover attack!

Just stumbled upon this.

Volaråd, drink of the gods!

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Deutsches muzik…


Czech black metal band doing a dark ambient-ish album in tribute to 70’s/80’s horror theme songs.

This reminds me heavily (har har) of Rhapsody and the super thematic power metal of Luca Turilli. Not a bad thing.

Fantastic power metal album