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So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?



Out now my ass! Preordered the LP and I can’t grab the full album yet!


Sinner - Judas Priest


Some upcoming March releases:

Asthma Castle (Stoner) - name made me lol :smiley:

Nixa (Doom/Sludge)

Usurper (Thrash/Speed)

Moon Tooth (Prog)


The new Soen album.





really digging this band:

Hopefully their upcoming March release is good!


Some April releases to keep an eye on:

Exumer (thrash) - always good to see veteran bands still releasing stuff

Protector (thrash/death) - another veteran band. High hopes for this one.

Inculter (blackened thrash, speed)

Troll (stoner/doom)

Inter Arma (Sludge/Black/Death/Post-Metal)

Allegaeon (melodic tech death) - fire the vocalist and you’d have a decent thing going on here

Jordan Rudess - a love of all things dream theater compels me to post this. You never know which way Jordan will go with releases. This one might not contain any traditional ‘metal’. We’ll just have to see.


Although he’s not featured on the upcoming [solo] album, Mike Portnoy did perform with Rudess during Cruise to the Edge and there’s been some very minor hints dropped that they will collaborate again soon. Kind of excited for that.


Local Minneapolis band popped up on SMOD. SMOD’s description…
"A little psychedelic, a little sludge, a little bit of several styles and.a really pleasant journey. "


yeah I saw footage of instrumedley from Cruise to the Edge with the dude from Haken which was cool. Reaaaaaaaly hoping for some more LTE! :smiley:


There have been lots of little snippets from interviews saying that Portnoy and Petrucci have made amends sometime in the last year. Imagine a new LTE is totally possible.

I would totally be down for a revised LTE with Connor Green from Haken on bass, he’s clearly got the skills to jam with the rest. No disrespect to Tony Levin, he’s been pretty busy with his own projects lately and might not be free to tour with LTE if they decided to do that again. I’m pretty much down with anything they do though, original lineup or not, I just want the boys back together making badass tracks.


Totally. I listened to a portion of a recent Portnoy interview with Eddie Trunk (ugh) that might have been recorded at Cruise to the Edge and they discussed the LTE possibilities. basically John and Jordan need time in their schedules between the new album to make it happen. Instrumental stuff is special to me, so I really hope they can figure out an LTE 3 and maybe play another show somewhere other than LA or NY!!! haha

Prog/tech gods if you are listening: we need LTE 3, a third Blotted Science album and another Planet X album with Tony MacAlpine (or, honestly Brett Garsed would still kick ass too).


Demon Hunter - I Will Fail You. Great song



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I recently discovered Psychostick. They make me laugh (they describe themselves as “Stupid metal” or “comedy metal”. “Girl Directions” hits hard, so applicable to one of my exes.

Also “From the Heart” is amazing :smiley:




Lights out - Devils Gun on spotify now, get the app from apknite and still updating my playlist with more songs. thanks you guys for suggestions.