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So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?




Got one



Gotta suggest Kartikeya
A relatively small band from Russia. Not very well known, they have around 700 monthly listeners on spotify.

But they are definetly worth giving a listen.






Given this a week or so and I’m not disappointed yet. It’s not an entirely new direction for DT, some familiarity in the individual elements of the music but with a bit more experimental structure. Certainly good to hear some of that zing come back with the drums pushed back toward the front of the mix where they belong. I’m one of those guys that actually really like The Astonishing, (but then I have always been fond of rock operas in general) and I have to say it’s nice that we have something different here.

@Alamar I’m sure you’ve got a better analysis of what’s going on with this release.


I’ll just leave these new gems here. Can’t stop listening


Well, of the two tracks released so far I’m not sure which I prefer. On one hand there’s Untethered Angel, which appears to be the ‘hit single’ of the album, being released first and being pretty simplistic imo. I really don’t care for the chorus and most of the arrangement on that song. I almost never like the ‘single’ from any album from any band though since most are usually watered down quite a bit. I think I prefer Fall Into the Light, but again, I’m not overly impressed. So far, I’m not really digging the direction of this album. In some early interview/article I remember a sort of ‘going back to our roots’ discussion, which so many veteran bands attempt to do. I don’t hear any interesting proggy stuff here, so as of now it sounds like they went a different direction - perhaps more closer to Train of Thought (?).

Although, as you mentioned you can finally hear the drums in the mix again which is great. It is unfortunate that it took so long for that change to be made. I’m hoping that there’s some tracks a little more up my alley somewhere on the album.



This album is sick, it slipped under my radar last year.


cough cough :stuck_out_tongue:



One of the best, old school, thrash singers ever is dead. RIP Bruce Wayne Corbitt.