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So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?



No Shagrath in this version, but sometimes I just like to watch the live performances and compare it to what’s recorded. Roy Khan and Simone Simons are awesome.

And some old Nightwish.


cough @psycho_666


dayum… I’m sorry, but I don’t like that at all :smiley:


You should be! For some reason I thought you liked Enslaved…


I’m weird when it comes to music… So yeah…

This is honestly the first time I am really listening to their stuff and honestly, this sounds like an old school black metal and I am not really a big fan…


I mean… it IS old school black metal…


Not so much their newer work…




Nope… Yeah, it’s cleaner sound, but it’s basically just old school black metal again. Add some distortion to it and you will


IDK… I just don’t find it interesting. It’s not bad, but I can listen to something else… IDK…


Japanese noise metal lol, Mainliner

mainliner - black sky


A lot of Dark Moor


A silly game on Facebook said this was the soundtrack to my life and well it is pretty darn close. I haven’t gone at it alone at times though when I really should have despite being alone in my life so much. Now added this song to my playlist for good. Oh and lastly I remember the song but I never listened to Whitesnake when they were big. Just not my band.




New Contrarian (Prog Death) releasing in March:

Sweeet! New Protector (Thrash/Death) coming in April:



Right now I’m listening to a decidedly not metal (or any other musical genre) podcast, but the metal song I did listen to was probably either



Welp, I found slug metal.


Felt like some Hevy Devy. His vocal range is just incredible. Plus the facial expressions.


Also they released another 400 total copies for vinyl preorder @w.meri @Ethereal