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So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?




Only if you listen to my friend’s band!

Just kidding. Pretty decent for the right mood I think.


Not so much a song, but just one of my favorite riff maestros jam on some riffs through his sig amp


Yeah, definitely not bad at all. I liked the music, and the vocals were alright for me too; although that style of vocals is def something I have to be in the mood for.


new Radiant Knife album coming out in August. Can’t find any video for it yet though, so I’m listening to some tracks from their first EP.


Friday = Raspberry pie day WOOT





Just got this in the mail, so it’s playing on the stereo.


I’d like my own post if I could. \m/



new Merrow channel video yay

Some killer riffage as always.


Mmm… full Summoning tribute:


Pretty good atmospheric black metal.

But goddamn that vinyl is gorgeous:


Holy hell that disk looks beautiful.


Ans $17 shipping to the US… argh! So torn.



God damn mother fucking REAL metal. :metal: :metal:

Driving up to Corpus Christi to see these bros kick some ass. Refreshing to hear shit like this. I love old Black Stone Cherry, Brand New Sin, Black Label Society, etc. Went outside and kicked my neighbor in the chest.


Ooooh you’re gonna make me do it aren’t you…