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So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?





Crank it.


I’ve been really vibing with Age of Shadows by Ayreon, as well as other songs from Y. Such a great prog metal album



Holy fak boys!

Love at first heard…


Working on learning how to play this beast:


Had this motivating me at work earlier. Great for delving back into brutal death metal, almost techdeath.


almost? Sounds pretty damn technical to me! :rofl: Not that that’s a bad thing.


Turns out Metal Archives does classify them as techdeath, so there’s that :zipper_mouth_face:



Something optimistic?


Going full nerd today:



Good stuff, guitar player and lyric-writer from the band ‘Battle Beast’ who was kicked out for whatever reason pushing his own thing.



checking out the new Ape Cave release

Also the upcoming Monolithe release


@ThatBootsGuy - I found those unreleased Petrucci tracks that he’s playing on this years G3 tour. Someone from the Seattle show kindly uploaded some decent video.

The first part of this one (up until ~5:12) is new and then he jumps into Jaws of Life from his solo album.

Then there’s this unreleased one that sounded about 100 times better in person and was super heavy:

Then there’s this one. It has more of a Satch feel to it and is in a similar vein to his track Glasgow Kiss from his first solo album:


That last one’s intro is quite reminiscent of the intro for Universal Mind when he did Liquid Tension Experiment.


Thrash done right,
Power Trip - Nightmare Logic
one of the best albums of 2017.