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So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?




Is it just me or are those old classics losing their edge? (not being as crunchy, punchy, crisp as I remember them)


They’re epic live.


loving the epic sound of this one:


Some of them were seriously overrated and just didn’t stand the test of time. Even as a long time Priest fan, I have to admit that “Breaking the Law” is one of those songs.

Anyway, here’s an Electro-Metal cover of another 80s song that did stand the test of time.


I have to disagree here, I think Breaking the Law is utterly timeless, and it gets me woken up and moving every time I listen to it. Same thing with Dio’s I Speed at Night:


Sabaton and World of Tanks did a thing. Not sure how to feel about this lol.


new one from Olde


new one from Weed Demon





I love it… More I listen to it, the more I love it…

And I don’t even care that is a drum machine and not a real drummer.

My favorite band ever… Wintersun are quite a way away, but are closing the distance… Yari is working towards TIME 2 so… yeah…


PS: Ye Entrancemperium

I can’t believe how Trym is actually picking up speed WAY faster than the actual recording… And he’s getting faster and faster…


Time to go hit the gym.


new Coughdust next month. Fire the vocalist and they’d have a nice thing going on imo


This hits so fucking hard holy fuck.

Listen to this with headphones in a dark room.


Well it’s a whole album, but this is pretty good. Heavy metal from Serbia:



Try some Buried at Sea too: