So.. what metal song are you listening to right now?

no leaf clover , metalica

So Dragon force is the one and only metal band I listen to. Mainly there older stuff (Sonic firestorm, Inhumane rampage albums)

If anyone has any suggestions to music that’s similar it’d be appreciated

Weird they aren’t on MA. They’ve been around for almost two decades in one form or another. Maybe not quite metal. They are kind of hard to classify.

You could always try Rhapsody (currently named as Rhapsody of Fire):

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Thanks! From what I’ve listened to so far they’re quite good. I’m going to add them to my collection.
I would however still like to find an artist with a fast beat like dragonforce.

I’ve got a whole thread on power metal:

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This is great! There’s a lot good stuff in that thread. So far my favorite is Powerwolf

Soo what happened to that thread anyway? Perhaps it should be revivied, I have some contributions, although I’m not particularly fond of band history writeups (at least not my own).

Probably my fondest introduction to power metal was Falconer, specifically the song The Clarion Call from Chapters from a Vale Forlorn:

A friend and I (this was about twelve fourteen ugh years ago) would play this song practically endlessly on the jukebox multiple nights a week and sing along drunkenly. We were sometime unpopular.

Ah the carefree days of youth.

From my “Roadtrip to Jerusalem” playlist

Ah so they have returned. Not sure how I feel about the new male vocals for the band though… OK, I actually don’t like the male vocals. Good thing he doesn’t sing in this particular song. Regardless, I think this album is still solid.

PS: Some parts sound are incredibly similar to Nightwish’s Storytime.

I got lazy lol. Feel free to throw stuff in there. You don’t need a write up or anything, though a link to wikipedia for example would be nice.

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Haven’t heard this in so long. Takes me back.

@w.meri @kat I forgot about this. New Panopticon album. Fucking two hours.

If only I’d never met the guy…

You hear the new Sleep album? Its really fucking good.

He a douche or something? Lol

We got along at first then had a sort of falling out. He makes great music (and beer) but yeah, if you don’t play music he’s not really interested in you, or at least that was my experience. I don’t really wish him any ill will, but can’t listen to his stuff anymore (and yet can’t manage to bring myself sell/give away/sell his work that I’ve got).

Just call me a triggered snowflake I guess. :grimacing:

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I respect that, I always try to separate the artist views from the music but to each their own.

Oh I do that generally, just thought I’d made a friend and that turned out wrong.

Anyway back to metal!