So what is your opinion on this?


So um.. Yeah.

Meh, I'm not a fan of this genre of metal. The video itself was interesting, granted childish at times. My favorite part was the 10 or so seconds at 1:39

whiskey tango foxtrot

Not a fan of DeathCore, but the music was good. The actual video though is one of the fuckest music videos I've seen! It's akin to Immortal's Call of The Wintermoon video when it comes to amount of wtf contained in it.

prett good man, you may like some killwhitneydead.

and even if some of ya aint deathcore fans, you got to atleast find the samples funny :D

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Nobody likes elitists I'm sure, I'm not saying I am against expressing discontent about such behaviour. But for all I know he might actually get off (figuratively) on you exploding over it in this matter. Remember: "Trolling is a art."

Whoa bro, you seriously mean it? I'll take notice for further decrease of offensive posts.

Jeez, it's hard to make fun on the internet. BTW, I laughed hard @ OPs video. I'm seeing this thread more as a whole joke rather than a serious debate.

I liked the music a bit more than I thought I would, I didn't really like the music video however. Music videos that are like that aren't really my taste.

Woah. All of this arguing.. Some people like it, some people don't.
I'm sorry to those who didn't find it enjoyable.

I thought it was fuckin HILARIOUS and i found the music to be pretty damn metal! the music was too good and hardcore for the video but maybe thats why its so funny? ahahahahahahahah good stuff but then again, i have a twisted sence of humour.