So verry Confused.. FX-4300 or 6300?

I am working on my first custom PC build and I am really confused. I am hoping someone can help me out.
I am trying to decide on a FX-4300 or 6300, I have been reading reviews and threads online but haven’t come to any concussion. In fact the more I read the more confused I am becoming.

Some people/reviews are stating the FX-4300 is better for gaming while others are stating the FX-6300 is the better choice. I will be using my pc for gaming and watching movies that is about it...I don’t plan on doing any photo-shopping or rendering. I just want to build something that is going to last 2-3years like my current one has.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem for me?

I dunno where you heard a 4300 was better, go with the 6300.


6300, its a real good overclocker too, even on stock heatsink i get 4.2ghz with out a problem but i kept it a 4ghz just to be safe

Rule of thumb for me is FX 4 cores just dont use them a amd phenom ii is a much better chip.

The FX 6300 is by far a better chip than any AMD quad core

Well some game related benchmarks were showing the 4300 having a slight edge over the 6300 but I guess that can be attributed to the higher stock speed...I wish I had the room in my budget for the 8320 but with AMD’s new chip coming out sometime next year I just can’t convince myself of dumping that much into a CPU right now.

So far this is what I have picked out for my build

XFX Radeon HD 7950 Core ed.
Samsung 840 Series 250GB
XFX Pro 750W (Full Modular)
Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H110
Patriot Viper 3 8GB 2X4GB

Any thoughts?

Looks great, though I personally would replace that h100 with an

What I see here is a very premium build (high end mobo, and H100, 7950) and a CPU that is from a different category. I believe that with a sabertooth (that's still very premium) you will be able to get the 8350 and have the same overclocking experience.

If you want to keep it low priced, I would go for a m5a99 pro, a FX 6300 (which performs better than a 4300 even in games), cooled by a Dark Knight II, 8 gigs of ram and a really nice GPU, but I would never expend more money on mobo than on CPU.

The 8320 is binned lower than the 8350, so it won't OC as well.


I wouldn’t get the 8350 because the 8320 is basically the same with a lower stock clock speed (from what I am reading) which I will over clock anyway so I don’t see how the 8350 would be worth it in the end.

Oh and my cooler is a H110 (the 140mm version of the H100) :)

I read somewhere that a fx 4350 and fx 6350 are coming out soon too. Just saying.

Thanks I guess I am better of waiting a few days and getting the 8350 in that case, since it out performs even the 6300 on all levels

I know the others are easy to over clock what kind of clock speeds can I expect from the 8350? I would like to aim for 4.5+

4.8+ With the 8350 i'd say. 

Now correct me if I am wrong. I THINK the AMD 8350 stock cooler needs to be upgraded??  I know when I build my 8350 I went with Liquid Cooler, Paid like 100 bucks for it. 

There may be cheeper alternatives to the cooling issues of the 8350 and hope someone will come along and point them out. 

I'm pretty sure Logan mentioned that they'd reached 5 GHz with it.

I'm pretty sure Logan mentioned that they'd reached 5 GHz with it.

I think Logan got it to 4.8 with the stock cooler. 

cant wait to see what the fx-8400 will be like

I decided that I would just order a 8350 since it was on sale and just $50 more than the 6300 so I figured wth and like forsaken2011 mentioned why spend that kind of money on a high end mobo to pare it up with a mid range chip.

I would probably have gotten the 6300 but for $50 more for the 8350 seemed like a no brainer to me.

I would agree with you there Rakamy. I run a 6300 OC myself, but if I could have gotten an 8350 for fifty bucks more I would have taken it for sure.