So update me on this android thing

Before me sits an HTC Desire 526. It seems to be a flaming pile of garbage but I imagine thats because the HTC roms have always been bullshit thrown together and shipped half broken.

It has 5.0.1 and Linux kernel 3.10. I can’t see any good ways to get the thing rooted, but it has good enough specs for my long game. It even has a couple hours on battery (pulled from scrap a month ago, just now getting around to fiddling). I’m /probably/ going to get a class 8 MSD thats 32 or 64 GB, get a few batteries, and just use it as a media device. I’m really pissed about my iphone not having storage so I’m just going to move all my media to an android device.

Past all of that, I am looking to use an android phone again soon, whether I switch over to one or buy one. I was looking at the LG V20, had a thread and everything, but I use a phone as a google machine, a quick camera, and a communications device on top of audio player. I really could just get some batteries for my LG LS970 and call it good because it works fine and I spent 60 bucks for a case for it and 3 months I was forced onto an iphone. Are there any minuses to using an older phone like my LS970? I already have it running 5.1 cyanogenmod perfectly fine, and I’ll work on my own android distro eventually for it and not even worry about it.

Thanks :U

Honestly the cheap HTC phones are pure gargbage. I bought an M9 and I love it but my dad had a cheap model (idk which) and it didn’t even have half the features mine does


Well this little desire thing is only going to do google voice once a millenia and mostly do audio. The lag in the touch screen is so bad that theres an actual auto scroll in the device so that it just auto goes down the whole list of whatever it is.

Why get a LG V20 when the V30 is just around the corner? :^)

Get a Nexus phone, even one a few generations old is going to be better than many low-cost phones.

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