So uhm my USB 3.0 chipset suddenly disappeared, had to hard-reboot to get it back

Hi, it’s me again…

So uh randomly my whole USB 3.0 chipset + hubs suddenly disappeared with no apparent reason?
All the ones from the motherboard/cpu.
Completely wasn’t present anymore, no device manager entry or anything.
Oh but power was still present when reconnecting the devices plugged in to the UBS 3.0 ports.
Btw. all USB 3.1 and USB 3.2 were still working without a problem.

I had to hard-reboot to get it back.

Afaik the USB 3.0 chipset is integrated in the IO-Die (SoC) on the Ryzen Threadripper so I was wondering if that is a sign that something is dying, either on the CPU or the motherboard?

Edit: While the question still stands it seems the USB 3.0 is provided by the TRX40 chipset, my bad.

Edit again: I’m dumb and obviously don’t check the manual, USB 3.0 is provided by an extra Asmedia chip. But ASUS can’t decide it seems:



The components aren’t much older than about a year now.

ASUS Zenith 2 Extreme
TR 3960X @ baseclock
64GB 3200 ECC Samsung
1200W Silverstone PSU

Next time it happens show I screenshot, I’m curious.

there’s also been several UEFI/BIOS updates, including new AGESA versions, for AMD mobos - there’s been a USB issue, which should’ve been fixed by now.