So, the Thunderbolt patents will be Royality Free next year. Does this mean Thunderbolt on AMD and Arm and less expensive TB Devices?


I'm interested in this as well.


That is what I hope. I think intel wanted thunderbolt on all machines but that did not happen so for them to keep it useful I think they needed to do this.
It is only on really expensive machines thunderbolt is used and now when everyone is starting to use USB type C it would also be even more confusing when not all have thunderbolt. So now mostly of the new computers may have thunderbolt in the future.
I think this is really good since thunderbolt have many good uses

I hope AMD doesn't adopt Thunderbolt. It's a huge security risk, like Firewire was. It's fairly pointless for most people too - USB is just as fast for things like storage and much more secure.

Does anyone know if they're making the portion of it that would need to run on say an AMD cpu for it to work available, or only the portion that was on the side of the device controllers available? This would be very interesting if AMD was able to also offer this on their products as well. I guess this would also mean you could add a thunderbolt controller to a motherboard like the one Asus Crosshair board did on AM3+. Very interesting.

This is down to mainboard Vendors more than AMD.

AMD Itself doesn't have much to do here since thunderbolt is just a wrapper for 4x PCI-E from the PCH or anything else with PCI-e. It might require a Agesa update at worst on Ryzen, If even at all since It's just essentially external PCI-e or e-PCI-e :smiley:

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I don't care, gotta go fast

Also, I like how it expands smaller PCs.

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