So the Tek is visiting the UK... Just gonna pop this here for what it's worth

So @Logan implied a visit to the UK was imminent, and suggested he may meet up somewhere to the south of London. Not sure if this means inside the greater London area, or to the south, I.E. Brighton (music scene) or elsewhere in south east England.
The date mentioned was 9th August 2016, so probably won't make it myself (I work late in Croydon. Sucks to be me! :-P)
Hoping for more info on the offchance I might make it...

When he says 40 minutes south of London, it makes me think Guildford. Only because I know there are a few tech/game companies there.

Dammit, @Logan, you better not be visiting Ubisoft!

Good point @Zavar . I was thinking of 40 mins by train (not sure if a car is a given), if one comes in by air, but pure speculation on my part.

I give points for OP's name and profile picture s(^_^)-b

Yay!, Internet points for me! maybe Lurking will be a thing of the past?... Nah.... will bump this tomorrow in case any UK / London peeps are interested, apart from that will probably return to the shadows from whence I came... Thanks though...

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I'm up in Cambridge but I can grab a train/drive down after work if there's a gathering? I guess we just need more details from @Logan

I'm a lurker too, it's okay.

Okay, managed to book a couple of days leave, so I can be there at least, if it happens...

now this would be great and @Logan why not stay for a bit there a computing history museum up north about how computers were used in the world wars and its quite interesting

Just replying here as I live in south east London and would be interested.

Just listened to the pdcaat version, and I think the shoutout was aimed at fellow content creators, not us lowly plebes... hey ho

Someone needs to put him on a train to central London - should be easy to get people together there.

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I'm in south London too, near Balham. If this happens on the 9th (my birthday btw) I may join for a couple a pints.

PubSyndicate, eyes peeled for dates + location

I'm thinking old man pub. He's had whiskey on The Tek and I'm sure he's spoken about his love of Ale before. Spoons will get him Doombar, Abbott and a couple of others if he's lucky. And good Spoons pubs are few and bar between.

London Pride should probably be on the to-do list :)

And once they leave it shall be known as Tekzit.


Also this, if interested in a non-Tech venture (maybe a country trip to wind down or have a whiskey or 2)

Any updates on this? Would love to meet.

Hi all, I work over at Canonical in Southwark, and have been waiting for a Tek Syndicate London thing. Would definitely be interested in coming to this.

I work for Nokia in Cambridge, would be interested in coming over for a couple of pints